Fixed Assets

The written down value of Property, Plant & Equipment’s owned by the company as per audited accounts as on 30 June, 2017 are stated below:

ParticularsWritten Down Value as at 30 June 2017
Land  144,517,845
Buildings and Civil Construction  117,396,321
Plant & Machinery  120,394,948
Furniture and Fixture      1,647,316
Electrical Equipment and Installation      8,042,559
Office Equipment         865,327
Fire Equipment         665,446
Total  393,529,762

i)     Location and area of the land, building, principal plants and other property of the company and the condition thereof;

The entire above mentioned assets are located at Registered & Factory Office: 45, Madrasha Road, 111/33, Tilargati, Sataish, Tongi, Gazipur-1712. All of the above‐mentioned Property, Plant & Equipment’s are in working good condition.

(ii)   Whether the property is owned by the company or taken on lease;

All the above-mentioned assets of the Company are in its own name.

(iii) Dates of purchase, last payment date of current rent (LvRbv) and mutation date of lands, deed value and other costs including      details of land development cost, if any and current use thereof;

Deed No.Date of purchaseMutation dateLast payment date of current rent (LvRbv)R. S Dag No.Deed Valuein Tk.Registration & Other Cost in Tk.Area of Land (decimal)Current use
7441May 24, 2016Sep 13, 2017Sep 13, 20171513,600,000391,3408.03Office Building & Factory Shed and developed open field
17715Dec 20, 20161516,900,000793,5004.60
17716Dec 20, 20161303 & 15242,990,0004,729,48028.66
17717Dec 20, 2016150, 151, 152 & 15476,335,0008,778,52550.89

(iv) The names of the persons from whom the lands has been acquired or proposed to be acquired along with the cost of acquisition and relation, if any, of such persons to the issuer or any sponsor or director thereof;

Deed No.Name of the persons from whom the land has been acquiredCost of acquisitionRelations
7441Md. Sahaj Uddin Mia3,600,000No relation
Md. Joynal Abedin
Mst. Johra Khatun
Md. Ayet Ali
Md. Abul Hossain
Md. Hasem Ali
Md. Younis Ali
Mst. Joytun Nessa
Mst. Rubina Akter
17715M. A. Kayum Howlader6,900,000Managing Director
17716M. A. Kayum Howlader42,990,000Managing Director
17717Shammi Akther Shibly76,335,000No relation

(v)   Details of whether the issuer has received all the approvals pertaining to use of the land, if required;

The Company has received all the approvals pertaining to use of the land from Gazipur City Corporation.

(vi) If the property is owned by the issuer, whether there is a mortgage or other type of charge on the property, with name of the mortgagee;

21.25 decimals lands along with building are mortgaged to First Security Islami Bank Ltd. against Short Term Borrowings.

Name of MortgageeDateDescription of Land/Plot No.Area in Decimal
First Security Islami Bank Ltd.Mohakhali BranchJun 08, 201645 Madrasha Road, 111/33, Tilargati, Sataish, Tongi, Gazipur-171221.25

(vii)        If the property is taken on lease, the expiration dates of the lease with name of the lessor, principal terms and conditions of the lease agreements and details of payment;

No Property is taken by the Company under lease agreement.


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